Grace Note Homestead, Finally!


Welcome to our new home!  I am so excited to report that the little homestead is finally ours.  It was a very long, involved and frustrating process to get to this point, but we are very happy to have a place to land for a long term stay.  For us, the 5 years until our youngest son graduates high school is long term!  We move A LOT. I am not really sure why this happens, but it seems we don’t land for anywhere for very long.


We have so many plans for this little place.  It’s adorable, but needs a lot of curb appeal work as well as needing somewhere for us to house the animals we will be adding to it. The chicken coop is coming from our current home, but we will need to add a little goat barn before we will be able to add goats. The picture above looks like it should work, but the back of it is rotted off and the roof is caving in on the back half. It was used for animals of some kind in the past as it has a little stall in it. The goats will be very necessary for brush elimination, there is a lot for a ruminant to munch on.  We will also be taking down a bunch of trees and so we may end up with pigs at some point to work those stumps out. Nothing pigs love more then rooting around under trees and digging up roots. That is what makes them so good at finding the edible wonder, truffles.  Their noses are sensitive but strong and they make quick work of rocky and stump-filled fields.

DSC_0210 (1)

The interior of the house needs a lot of work. We will need to redo the whole kitchen, mostly because I can’t work with this itty bitty amount of counter space.  I am a cook. I cook 3 meals a day from scratch in our house along with canning a lot of food, making bread and prepping lots of veggies and meat for the freezer for our winters.  When I say I cook a lot, I really mean it. We don’t eat a lot of processed foods, most of it I make from scratch.  And the stuff I do purchase processed, I aspire to eliminate the best I can.  I have also spent many years making due with less then usable kitchens and it’s time for me to create the kitchen I want and need. This little space is going to fit the bill just fine!  We are adding an island removing the half yellow wall and rearranging what is there now.  The fridge will be replaced, but it’s location is staying there, the stove is moving, the island will house the sink and dishwasher, and then there will be counter space added and storage, lots of storage!  The one thing about cooking from scratch and canning, I need a lot of kitchen tools and appliances.  And along with that comes the need for a place to put it all.  Yes, more storage is a must-have.


We are excited to lighten and brighten the little place and add a door and move some windows and just make it ours to function how we need it to.  I’m beyond thrilled to have a home to work on again. I feel most useful when I’m working on projects.  This place is going to have that in spades!  So ready to get started!

Come on back and join us for the updates and progress.  Can’t wait to show you the garden getting underway, trees being removed and paint going on walls.  It will be great fun to work on this together, won’t it?

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