Rain, Rain, April Showers!

DSC_0211 (1)

Hello Everyone!  Today is a dreary, rainy day here in southern New Hampshire.  We recently had 14″ of snow, on April Fool’s Day (how appropriate!).  Very heavy, wet and unwelcome snow.  I think we are all ready for the end of the cold, wet winter we’ve had. I’m ready to get my hands in some soil and get busy on some planting.  I just want to feel the sunshine on my skin instead of being bundled up. Yep, something above 40 would be wonderful!  We are supposed to have a couple of days in the low 70’s next week and I know I will be taking a deep breath of that warmer air!

The above picture is the fireplace that is in our new homestead kitchen.  Now, though this is the largest kitchen space I’ve had in a long time, it still doesn’t have the storage I need, even with the new cabinet space.  My best buddy thinks I’m just crazy to want to cover this little gem with cabinets, but I haven’t come up with any alternative for storage that will work well enough.  The house has an old rock wall basement with a dirt floor in which you can’t stand up straight in some places.  So to say it’s not going to be used for any kind of storage is completely accurate.  It’s damp, and smells like the earth.  That causes the house, which currently has very little storage to need much more because we can’t just put it on a shelf out of the way in the basement.  We are going to be adding some other cabinets in other parts of the house for storage of things like towels, sheets, coats and all the many other things that just need to be stashed away when not in use.  Clutter makes my brain explode, and I seem to be always beating back the clutter in my home.


I started some demo in the kitchen, but my better judgement clicked in today, and I put a halt to that until I can get a better respirator mask and some 6 mml plastic sheeting to put down.  In a home that’s as old as this one, we don’t know whether or not we are dealing with lead paint, and lead paint dust blowing around the house is a bad idea. So, I need to get some spray bottles to wet down what we are scraping, duct tape some plastic sheeting down and get a respirator mask rated for lead removal…just in case. It seems like a lot of extra work, and that is true, it is, but I don’t want any of us or our pets to end up with lead poisoning because we weren’t careful.  Lead poisoning is definitely not something to mess with!

The above picture is the room that will become mostly the boys “domain”.  We find our family functions more peacefully if we have a room that contains what the boys need to do their activities, the loudest of which includes drums, guitars and basses.  It also has their wii game system, which they use from time to time.  The boys have been working me for a new gaming system because they don’t make games for the system they have now.  Ummmm…no.  Not gonna happen because I’m not a mom that finds the inherent value in spending time playing video games.  A little bit is fine, I can deal with that, but beyond that, my thoughts are nope, get outside.  I say it all the time to my guys, it’s a beautiful day, get outside.

But in any case, this will be the room they use to make all the noise they need to because its separated from the rest of the house by a VERY large chimney.  You can see the brick for it in both of the above pictures.  The fireplace in the kitchen, and the back side of that fireplace, which is the brick in the second picture.  The room with the red and white walls has a place to connect a woodstove, and also has been piped for a gas stove.  So with all that brick and a staircase between this room and the rest of the house, we should be able to get some peace when we need it.  It remains to be seen.  We haven’t had to have these items actually in our living area in a long time.  Now that they are older and play more, it will be interesting!  If all else fails, perhaps we’re going to finish space for them upstairs in the garage.  What teenager wouldn’t want their very own space for a garage band?

DSC_0207 (1)

Really, really can’t wait to get some outside work done, too.  But, we have two months to get the house in order before we can move in and once that’s all set, we’ll concentrate on the outside.  I’m very much looking forward to beautifying the outside and getting some garden beds in and some animals working around the land with us.  I’m going to start looking into goats in the fall.  We may not get them until next spring, but we’ll get something to help us beat back the bittersweet and poison ivy.  It will be a long process, but they love the stuff and it will be good for us to not have to deal with it.  My husband, Michael, is allergic to poison ivy, and whenever he gets a little touch of it, he’s covered in flaming hot, itchy rash that usually won’t go away until he gets steroids to combat it.  Poor guy is just miserable with is, so we’d like to have animals that will help with that for us.

Enjoying the prospect of spring bringing its happiness and warmth with it, just wish it would roll in sometime soon.  Next post will bring you some demo pictures!



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